Black Bear Hunting Rates


Black Bear Fall 2019 Hunting Season:

  • 6 Day Expert Black Bear Hunting Package
  • Spring May 15 to June 15 dates
  • Week of August 18th
  • Week of August 25th
  • Week of September 1st
  • Week of September 8th
  • Week of September 15th

Includes fully equipped housekeeping cabins and boat in a completely remote setting. Diesel electric power is on all of the time. A new modern bird and fish cleaning building is on site. We are situated on the Sturgeon River where it starts at Gathering Lake. Get your Bear early and enjoy excellent fishing on Gathering Lake which we have access to it from our camp, just a few hundred yards up river by boat or 18 remote lakes in our area.

All prices in US funds

Regular Housekeeping Package

Spring and Fall housekeeping package is $1,500.00 per person Deposit required: $500.00 per person

After September 15th
Combo Bear/Wolf Hunt

$2,000.00 per person. Deposit required: $500.00 per person


$495.00 per person, Deposit required: $100.00 per person

For hunts listed above includeds one 14ft boat per party. Motor rental is $125 per week or $50 daily including your first tank of gas or bring your own motor.

Prices do not include your bear license or fishing license, export tag, gun permit or taxes. Licenses can be purchased across border or in Jellicoe. All info is sent out to you including gun forms before you come up to hunt.



We accept all major credit cards. Deposits are refundable in cases of medical or death emergency. Balance is due on arrival by Traveler’s cheques, Cashier’s cheque or Cash. Please, no personal cheques or credit cards on balance. There is a 6% g.s.t. tax on your total hunt and 5% p.s.t. tax on accommodation only

We would like this experience to be a memorable one for everyone in camp. By the time you arrive, we have done most of the work in preparation for your hunt.


For references in your area,

please e-mail us or call us at 765-522-2186, fax 765-522-1438

Advantage of a Fall Hunt are as follows
  • Tastier meat
  • No mosquitoes or black flies
  • Prime hides
  • Shorter days in your tree stand
  • Bigger bear
  • Prime Timber wolf hides
  • Earlier season starting August 15th
  • Bear in our far northern location are relatively disease free and free of ticks

Please note: Your deposit must be in within 2 weeks of booking your hunt. Remember to add additional postage for mail to Canada.. Mail coming to Canada takes 8 to 10 days.

NOTE: You will be invoiced for the balance of your hunt before arrival


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