Lake Trout Fishing Ontario


Lake Trout Fishing Ontario Canada

If you are looking for the best, most premium lake trout fishing Ontario Canada has to offer, you are in the right place. The local lake provides the forage base, structure, and water that attracts the largest populations of giant Lake Trout you have ever seen.

Since these enormous fish swim at shallow depths during their high season, you can be sure that when you come over, you are going to have the time of your life catching them. The proof is in the scores of 20 to 50 lb trophy Lake Trout that our guests are able to land during each season.


In particular, Lake Trout fishing is highly popular in these regions on account of the fact that the local lake offers a wide range of angling for fly and conventional fishermen Lake Trout Fishing Ontarioalike. What is more, in both the rivers and the lake, you will be able to use light and medium heavy tackle, and the widest variety of techniques to capture this huge and delicious quarry.

All season Lake Trout running 4 to 10 pounds also provide excellent action while jigging and casting. Virtually the entire stretch of the pristine lake shoreline holds these wonderful swimmers, making easy work of the fishing experience.

Our guests are always thrilled to see these tough and hard-fighting swimmers slam lures on top, and are often amazed by the large number they are able to catch.

Once you are braced to do battle with these monster Lakers, casting or trolling large crank baits and spoons or jigging buck tail jigs will work perfectly for you. During spring, all through to the end of fall, therefore, you can be sure to catch trophy fish even in the shallowest of waters.

In the same way, the method you use does not really matter. Your bottom line will be raised after you catch these aggressively strong and large fish. When they hit, therefore, you will need to hang on. The heart pounding runs and sheer power of 20 to 50 pound Lake Trout will be sure to earn your respect, and the experience will live with you into your old age.


What to expect when fishing for Lake Trout

Whether you have been fishing since you were a wee boy or you have never fished Lake Trout a day in your life, you can be sure you need a couple of tips to learn how to catch these giant monsters once you get to our camp.

Lake Trout is native to North America. Living in freshwater, these fish rank among the most popular game fish in the entire region. Ontario is home to over 25 percent of the entire population of this variety of game fish. The rising popularity among anglers means that fish populations can be decimated. This is why our conservation program restocks the lakes and rivers. As you engage in Lake Trout fishing Ontario Canada, remember the following:


Depth Matters:

The depth at which you try to catch these swimmers is important. Since they prefer cool waters, you might need to go deeper especially during the warm seasons.

When fishing Lake Trout, you will need different types of lure. Always go for lures that mimic the native bait fish.

In general, most Lake Trout tend to remain in one area – although they are not schooling fish. Therefore, if you were able to catch them in a specific area, you should be able to find more nearby. Stay put and wait until you get the others.

Great fishing. We will make your stay a memorable one. Gathering Lake is beautiful site filled with many fishing opportunities. We recommend you fish with a guide for the first day which can be arranged.

  • Arrival at camp with a warm welcome
  • Get you started with licenses and fees
  • Tour of the area
  • Meeting with the outfitter to help get you started on your dream trip
  • Updates on where the fish are biting and what to use
  • Instructions for boats, motors and other equipment
  • Instructions for fishing outlying lakes
  • Safety instructions and camp rules
  • Check-in to fully equipped house-keeping cabins, all have showers and toilets, full size refrigerators, stoves with ovens, all dishes, pots and pans, etc.
  • Get your Boat and Motor
  • Get your first tank of gas (on us)
  • All bedding and pillows are supplied, just bring a sleeping bag.
  • Access to new modern fish cleaning building is in operation with hot and cold running water and is very comfortable to prepare your catch with plenty of freezer space.
  • Live bait is available on site.
  • Family pets are welcome
  • A warm good bye upon your departure with hopes to see you again.

What to bring

  • Nothing to worry about. We will contact you with suggestions on what to bring for your dream fishing trip
  • Portable fishfinder will help but not a must
  • We suggest spinning or casting rigs with 10-20# test fluorocarbon or mono
  • Spoons are the name of the game. Williams and 5 of Diamonds are favorites.
  • Depth is the secert so using a protable downrigger is going to produce results fast.
  • If you like trolling with a 3 way swivel and spoon on 1 oz sinker is hot method here

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