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Premier Fishing in Ontario Canada

If you are looking for the best place to walleye fish in Ontario, then you need to stop. You are already here. For those among our guests who have always dreamed about Ontario fishing, the ability to catch walleye often tops their list of highlights during their trips.

Essentially, walleye are the very essence of Ontario fishing. What with the delicious taste and beautifully rare coloring, it is hard to imagine anything that would make your trip down here more perfect. At this lodge, located right in the middle of the walleye region in Ontario, we strive to provide you with exceptional outfitting services. This is actually one of the reasons why we are constantly hailed as the best place to fish walleye in Ontario and beyond.


Our Walleye Fishing

Consider the following unique facts about the region, the fishing activity, and our outfitting services:

All the lakes surrounding our camping and hunting lodge are totally uninhabited. This means that you will get unique fishing and hunting opportunities. These lakes feed into Lake Nipigon.

The top fish sanctuaries include Georgia and Upper Roslyn. Their waters are also connected to feeder Walleye Fishing Ontariosystems. However, it is also important to keep in mind that all these lakes connect. The water then runs out through the Sturgeon River through Gathering Lake – which is exactly where we are situated.

Many trophy walleye come out of Gathering Lake yearly. To reach some of these lakes, we have 14 ft. and 16 ft. boats, trailer mounted. All you need is a 2″ ball. Any two-wheel drive vehicle is sufficient.

The range of fish found locally also extends throughout the entire travel region served by this exceptional fishing outfitters establishment. It is relatively easy to catch and keep, or catch and release, tons of the smaller sized eaters and the trophy-sized hogs.

Walleye are within the 17-22 inch range with 30″ common. The great population of monster walleye in the lakes surrounding our lodge means that our guests often catch anywhere.

The lakes are uninhabited therefore, the lake receives very little fishing pressure. The lakes are far enough Walleye Fishing Ontariointo the wilderness that it exhibits the classic Ontario and Canadian Shield structure – which the walleye absolutely adore; it is also far enough away that it experiences the longest growing season possible for these fish. This is why local walleye tend to grow bigger and faster

– As a catch and keep/catch and release lodge, we always strive to protect fished walleye. This means that we kindly require our guests to release all walleye larger than 17 inches. However, this should not trouble you. There are tons of 16 inch walleye that you can keep for breakfast and/or shore lunch. This conservation policy is only designed to improve the fishing experience for our guests.


What to expect on your Ontario Walleye Fishing Trip

Great fishing. We will make your stay a memorable one. Gathering Lake is beautiful site filled with many fishing opportunities. We recommend you fish with a guide for the first day which can be arranged.

Hungry walleyes that are dispersing from spawning areas now seldom refuse a jig, especially when tipped with a minnow or a worm. Vertical jig or cast to rocky shorelines, shoals, and weedlines. In our lakes, chartreuse, lime green, yellow, pink, and white are effective jig colors. When adding bait, use a stinger hook to catch walleye that strike short.

  • Arrival at camp with a warm welcome
  • Get you started with licenses and fees
  • Tour of the area
  • Meeting with the outfitter to help get you started on your dream trip
  • Updates on where the fish are biting and what to use
  • Instructions for boats, motors and other equipment
  • Instructions for fishing outlying lakes
  • Safety instructions and camp rules
  • Check-in to fully equipped house-keeping cabins, all have showers and toilets, full size refrigerators, stoves with ovens, all dishes, pots and pans, etc.
  • Get your Boat and Motor
  • Get your first tank of gas (on us)
  • All bedding and pillows are supplied, just bring a sleeping bag.
  • Access to new modern fish cleaning building is in operation with hot and cold running water and is very comfortable to prepare your catch with plenty of freezer space.
  • Live bait is available on site.
  • Family pets are welcome
  • A warm good bye upon your departure with hopes to see you again.

What to bring

  • There is nothing to worry about. We are going to give you an update on the best things to bring before you leave but here are some of the lodges favorites to concider.
  • Portable fishfinder will help but not a must
  • We suggest spinning or casting rigs with 8-12# test fluorocarbon or mono
  • Jigs are always hot. 3/8 is the best with fuzzy or twister tails
  • If you like trolling the bottom bouncer with live bait is great
  • Sometimes for tough days you can use a sliding bobber live bait rig with minnow, leech or night crawler

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